Icelandic National Team Jersey - Blue

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A land covered in ice with an immense wealth of water and a heart of fire thanks to the huge number of volcanoes and geysers.
All of this can be found harmonized in the new kits which Erreà Sport has designed for KSÍ – the Football Association of Iceland and its first ever history making appearance in the FIFA World Cup. After the amazing adventure which saw them participating in France in the 2016 European Championships, a new strip, original but strongly linked to the identity of this nation, will accompany them to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

In fact ice, lava and water blend perfectly into the new Erreà designed jersey to best represent the uniqueness and beauty of Iceland and its National team. The fire which lights and warms the heart of this land and its people is the starting element for unveiling the new kit.

Washing instructions:
Wash seperatly,do not use softeners, remove immediatly,
do not allow to lay on it self when wet.
Do not put in dryer.

To preserve main artwork, turn your shirt inside out.
Although you should not expect any significant fading.

Wash colors separatly from whites, especially the first wash.

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