Alrun - Silver Bindrune - Necklace - Luck

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Alrun - Silver Bindrune - Luck


To bring good fortune and success

The Icelandic word Gæfa means good fortune or luck. While the Luck symbol is not necessarily intended to be a charm, it shows that you are open to opportunities and that you welcome good fortune.


This range of pendants uses the clarity of pure .925 silver to show a sharply defined symbol at its best. The striking beaded chain is 45cm/ 18 in, and pairs perfectly with our Runic designs. Both pendant and chain are rhodium coated to ensure lasting quality and brilliant shine.

Alrún Nordic Jewelry bases all its designs on the art of the Vikings. With inspiration from ancient Viking art, we aspire to bring the legacy of Norse culture to modern society. All symbols are created using the method of binding runes, an historic process whereby individual Runic letters are overlapped to make a single word or name. While there are several different Runic alphabets, we rely on the younger Icelandic Futhark, which we feel is most representative of ancient culture and custom in Iceland. Every symbol in our collection is painstakingly designed to fuse both meaning and esthetic beauty, and you will find that each design holds special importance for each unique person.

Size and weight.

Height: c.a. 18 - 23 mm
Length: c.a. 10 - 16 mm
Width: c.a. 2 mm

Weight: c.a. 3 gramms

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