Legacy Active - Men’s Knit Quarter Zip - Vintage Black

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Lightweight knit quarter zip
This new lightweight knit quarter zip is casual but polished.


The Sarnac quarter zip is made with
sweater-knit fleece and finished with cozy heathered yarns.


Fabric: Jersey stripe
Content: 88% polyester, 12% cotton
Details: Lightweight knit quarter zip is casual but polished.

Wash colors separatly from whites, especially the first wash.
Our shirts are made from 100% combed cotton.
Expect about 5-7% shrikage after first wash.

S chestsize is 50 cm
M chestsize is 53 cm
L chestsize is 56 cm
XL chestsize is 60 cm
XXL chestsize is 64 cm

(please note the sizechart is only a guide
and not 100% accurate as sizes can vary between t-shirts).

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