Norðri - Earrings - Red/Marron
Norðri - Earrings - Red/Marron

Norðri - Earrings - Red/Marron



The earrings are named after dwarves from Völuspá;
a prophecy of the Völva, from old Norse mythology.
Dwarves are skilled craftsmen and made much of the gods' magical treasury and weapons.
Norðri has the role to hold up the north corner of the sky.

... a piece of Iceland designs are hand made with sea polished stones from the black beach of Vík í Mýrdal and adorned with natural gemstones.

925 Sterling liver hooks.

Size and weight.

Hight: approx. 43 mm
Length: approx. 10 mm
Width: approx. 10 mm

Weight: approx. 7 gramms

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