The Little Book of Icelanders

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"In 1994, I moved back to Iceland after more than 20 years of living abroad, and ever since I have been in the enviable [to me!] position of being both an insider and an outsider in Icelandic society.

I figure this makes me sufficiently qualified to dissect the national psyche of the Icelandic people."

Among the fascinating subjects broached in The Little Book of the Icelanders:

the appalling driving habits of the Icelanders
naming conventions and customs
the Icelanders’ profound fear of commitment
the Icelander’s penchant for irreverence
why Icelandic women are really men
how the Icelanders manage to make social interactions really complicated
the importance of the family in Icelandic society
where to go to meet the real Icelanders [and possibly score some free financial advice]
Rituals associated with weddings, confirmations, graduations, and deaths

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