Our Stores

1. The Polar Bear Store on Laugvegur 38. This is our flagship store where you can find almost all of our products. 

2. Reykjavik T-shirts on Laugavegur 39. This store has the largest selection of cool t-shirts and apparel in Reykjavik. 

3. Woolcano on Laugavegur 100. If you want the hottest souvenirs then this is the store for you.

4. Reykjavik Giftstore on Týsgata 1 (on the corner of Skolavordustigur 22). Often called "The Cats of Reykjavik store". More often than not you will see a cat roaming the store or sleeping in some cozy corner. 

5. Rainbow Street Souvenirs on Skólavörðustígur 10. Our newest store located at the end of the Rainbow.