4 Salts Variety - Pack A

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      Assortment of four 30 ml salt jars.

      A fabulous gift for the chef of the home, or to just treat yourself!


      In the package:


      Kelp and Garlic

      Especially delicious on fish dishes and as a finishing salt for toast or roasted potatoes.


      Artic Herbs

      Excellent as finishing salt and the earth taste of Iceland Moss and sweet aromatic taste of Wild Thyme goes well with lamb, pork and game, soups and salads.


      Volcano Salt

      Spicy and black! It fits very well with Barbecued food and gives a good strong flavor of both chili and salt.


      Wildberry Salt

      Especially good with lamb or game, and can be a colorful addition to salads, bread and rice.


      Weight: c.a. 120 grams

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