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Religion in Iceland was initially the Norse paganism that was a common belief among mediaeval Scandinavians who started settling Iceland in the 9th century AD, until Christian conversion around 1000 AD, though paganism did not vanish then. Starting in the 1530s, Iceland, originally Roman Catholic and under the Danish crown, formally became Lutheran, culminating in 1550 with the killing of the last Catholic bishop and the outlawing of Catholicism. Iceland still has a state church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland, though religious freedom has been a legal right since 1874. The state church is supported by the government, but all registered religions received support from a church tax paid by taxpayers over the age of 16 years.

Keflavíkurkirkja or Keflavik's Church was built in 1914 and designed by Rögnvaldur Ólafsson. 

Size and weight.

Height: approx. 50 mm
Length: approx. 33 mm
Width: approx. 65 mm

Weight: approx. 48 grams

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