Eyjafjallajökull Is So Easy to Pronounce - Mug in a Box - Gray

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All tests made be the staff of idontspeakicelandic.com show that all beverages taste far better served in a cool mug...

And Facebook told us the other day that coffee makes you look good and live longer. We like what Facebook tells us.
​Don't know ​Eyjafjallajökull​? It's the name of the volcano that​ ​erupted ​in 2010 causing a worldwide sensation​ ​when the ash cloud disrupted air travel ​in northwest Europe for six days​. The name means "glacier"​ or "ice cap"​ of the Eyjafjöll mountain.​ ​


Size and weight in box

Height: 106 mm
Length: 85 mm
Width: 121 mm

Size and weight without box

Hight: 97 mm
Length: 82 mm
Width: 118 mm

Capacity: 12 oz. 

Weight: 405 grams


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