Icelandic Herbal Tea from Urta - Valva - Wise Woman Blend

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10 teabags. Lady´s mantle is videly known herb used to heal women problems for ages. The name referres to virgin mary and the plant was also sacred for Freyja, the german goddes of love and fertility. Plant hormone and other cemicals in it is belived to help women sterility, problems with abcence of or to heavy menstruation and also help with various menopausal symptoms. Wise women in the past explaned how the plant who “sweatens dew” can regulate menopausal sweating. Melisse, Angelica and Red Clover are also very known womens herbs. This herbal blend named Valva is especially good tasting and is good as every day tea for woman of all ages. Though, dont drink longer then six veek and rest fore one before starting again. Pour hot but not boiling water, let steep for 10-20 min. You can use the tea bag several times. Keep the outer bag tightly closed and store it in dark and dry place. Net Weight: 18g - Gross Weight: 40g

Hight: 145 mm
Length: 70 mm
Width: 40 mm

Weight: 40 gramms